How to Write a Winning Application

So you've done your research. You've identified relevant funders and you have a brilliant project that needs financial support. Writing a successful grant application is not so much about having a good idea for a project but more about understanding what it is that the Funding organisation is looking to support, who it is willing to support and communicating your project idea clearly and succinctly.

This pocket guide has been developed using the authors' own wealth of experience in writing grant applications as well as research into numerous articles on this subject area and outlines what constitutes good practice in terms of applying for funds from a range of different funding sources. These include:

The overall aim of this guide is to provide an easy-to-follow process on how schools might best approach the task of bidding for funds and resources. This guide primarily covers good practice in applying for revenue (running costs) funding, although many aspects will also be relevant for applications for funding to purchase equipment, buildings, and refurbishment works.

This guide has been structured as follows:

  1. Establishing the credibility of your organisation
  2. Understanding the Grant Makers' Funding Criteria
  3. Establishing the need for your project
  4. Clearly communicating your case for funding
  5. Developing an effective exit strategy
  6. Key Documents required


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