How Do I Subscribe?

We offer a range of subscription options to suit your needs.  These range from one month subscriptions to subscriptions lasting up to three years.  Longer subscription periods offer a significant month on month saving for our subscribers.

In addition we offer subscriptions for both individual schools / organisations as well as subscription covering multiple schools.  Multi-school subscriptions are relevant for school networks and partnerships as well as  multi-academy trusts.  Subscription covering whole Local Education Authority's are also available.

Each subscription includes access the the Grants 4 Schools website; the fortnightly "Funding Alert" Newsletter and Email Alerts when the Grants 4 Schools website is updated with a new funding opportunity.

In addition, subscribers who select a one, two or three year subscription, will receive a free electronic copy of our A-Z Funding for Schools: A Comprehensive Guide to Grants Available to UK Schools.  

The guide contains 340 pages of information on funding available to UK schools as well as valuable hints and tips on writing sucessful grant applications.  The guide is valued at £79.99.

Please choose from one of the options below.

If you are a member organisation of PTA UK please click here 


Single School / Organisation Subscriptions

1 Month
 3 Months
6 Months
£15 + VAT
One off payment
£40+ VAT
One off payment
£60 + VAT
One off payment
Payment by direct debit
Payment by direct debit Payment by Direct Debit
Purchase Purchase

1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
£99 + VAT
£150 + VAT
£200 + VAT
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Pay Online
Pay Online Pay Online


Multi-user Subscriptions

Consortium subscription of between 2 - 10 Schools
 12 month Subscription
Consortium subscription of between 11 - 30 Schools
12 month Subscription
Consortium of 30+ Schools

12 month Subscription
LEA block subscription
This covers all schools within a specific LEA
12 month Subscription
£75 + VAT per School
£65 + VAT per School
£55 + VAT per School
£3000 + VAT

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