What Funding is Available to Schools?

There are hundreds of grant funding sources available to UK schools.  These funds are available to schools for a wide range of activities and projects including:

  • Equipment such as PC's, Laptops, Books, and other similar resources.
  • The professional development of school staff.
  • Improving basic skills and raising individual achievements of students.
  • Developing, improving or expanding school buildings, grounds and facilities.
  • Promoting exercise and sporting activities.
  • Installing green technologies and renewable energy in schools.
  • The provision of special needs education and to raise attainment levels.
  • Developing links with schools internationally.
  • Developing and enhancing certain subject areas such as sports, music, art or science.
  • Promoting closer links with the wider community.


Who Provides Grants for Schools?

The funding is made available to schools by:

  • The Lottery
  • The UK Government and its Agencies. 
  • European Funding
  • Foundations and Charitable Trusts


How can Grants 4 Schools help my School?

  • Grants 4 Schools features a comprehensive grants database that allows schools to search for relevant grants and funding sources.
  • Through its innovative Grants Mind Map, schools can get a complete overview of all funding sources available.
  • The Grants 4 Schools "News" section features information on the latest funding available to schools.  This is updated several times a week and includes new grants that are available to schools, new application deadlines and information on new funding opportunities.
  • A comprehensive list of case studies highlights how schools have successfully applied for funding.
  • Schools that subscribe to Grants 4 Schools will receive a fortnightly Newsletter summarising  the latest funding opportunities.

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